Cycling Jewelry

Our favorite category, you'll find a special and original cycling jewelry in this category. If you don't, you can suggest us a new cycling jewelry.

Here you will find jewelry dedicated to this world so wide of the two wheels of outdoorjewels. Whether cycling route, mountain biking, BMX, track, urban, folding, bike with panniers, Fat cycling bikes, etc. and all these cycling jewelry set also in different scenarios of the world leisure, competition, tourism, travel, education, etc.

Rings with bicycles, with pinyones rings, rings with prints of any specialty in the world of the two wheels, rings that simulate a bike chain, rings with engraved tyres. Here, our designers, who are practitioners of this beautiful sport of bicycle, leave to take your imagination to places without limits in the world of sports jewelry and jewelry in your environment is more strict and traditional. Here are mixed the two major styles of ways to make jewelry and design, innovative and transgressor. In the rings of outdoorjewels you can find a world in small. We can recreate the impossible within these jewelry craft and sports.

In outdoorjewels cycling bracelets, you'll also see textures made from figures of games of the Tour de France, bracelets with textures from bicycles that we move to large cities and capitals that are committed by this means of transportation as sustainable and which respects the environment. Jewelry with figures of bike road, mountain, fixies, etc. You'll also find jewelry inspired by the competitions most important and remarkable of the international calendar of all disciplines as the Tour, Giro, Vuelta and the great classics. The World Cup of any specialty and up to Red Hook's fixies, Brompton, etc.

The earrings outdoorjewels bike section, not subtracted in the elegance that should have this type of sporting jewelry, even jewelry with motif sports and outdoor. To be made and artisan jewelry by hand, they are wearable, light, anti-allergic, original and unique in its category, outdoorjewels takes care of that. In this type of jewelry, in outdoorjewels we try to express as much in the minimum of material. We can make earrings with bicycles, pine nuts, rods, plates and wheels… What us passes through the head in our bike routes to let out the ideas regarding these jewels of cycling and the bicycle.

And, finally, pendants of cycling, or outdoorjewels sports necklaces. As in the previous sporting jewels of outdoorjewels that we have listed, here also have our mind to create the most original and unique pendants of cycling. From hanging sports that simulate the figure of a bike in Silver, or bike from gold, passing through wheels made by hand and with gold or silver, to original pendants symbolizing bike or a trip on a bike path. The materials chosen in this kind of sports jewelry are best suited for sport with put jewels. Outdoorjewels uses materials that do not emit odors and facilitate drying so that possible bacteria from sweat does not accumulate.

Finally, our team of designers of outdoorjewels are ready to meet the demands of our customers who want a gem sports and cycling and who share a passion for this sport and have no repair to bring sports jewelry.

Showing 1–12 of 50 results

Showing 1–12 of 50 results