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Bracelet figure eight knot ANETO

Handcraft silver figure eight bracelet. Climbing jewelry where you can choose between all colours that we have in our small cords, or black.

Measurement of this climbing bracelet is 3cm width.

Nice and discreet silver bracelet.

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That silver bracelet figure eight knot belongs to the category of climbing jewelry or snow. In this category you will find other silver jewelry like the eight-figure silver bracelet or in skiing jewelry, you’ll find the bracelet with snowflakes different and original, pendants of silver with snowflakes in different ways and with skiers or snowboarders. Also, you’ll see another type of jewelry craft that not you will leave indifferent, as the pendant of silver with the figure of a chairlift, or the necklace of silver with a snowboard, pendant endowed of much detail. OJEB106

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red


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